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About the Adventure

Mar 25, 2019 by admin

About Explorent.

Our aim is connect passionate campers and owners to allow everyone the chance of experiencing our amazing country at its best.

The Explorent story

The Greek philosopher Plato coined the phrase “Necessity is the mother of invention” and this is most certainly the case for Explorent. Whilst there is no invention that I can lay claim to, the idea was born out of a lack of a platform that I could use to satisfy my newly acquired camping addiction.

After reluctantly being urged into buying a tent and giving camping a whirl for the sake of my five year old, I become quite keen to get out there more often and I become quite intrigued by the different type of caravan, campers and of course the characters that we came across. The biggest plus was the ball that my little one was having. The biggest negative was the deflated air mattress at 4 am.

I loved this new activity that we were getting involved in but one thing was clear, I was not the “roughing it” type of camper. Particularly when it came to sleeping arrangements. I could do the tent life but just not the air mattress thing. So I started having a look at the types of caravans and camping trailers around us at the sites, then I had a look at the prices of caravans. Well my camping passion almost died on the spot when I saw the cost of these chariots. After some time and when speaking to my better half was I made aware of the existence of caravan rentals. That got me going again and I set off hunting down these caravans looking for my palace to call home for a weekend.

What a mission that proved to be, while they are available here and there, they are just so booked up that getting one for the weekend we wanted was impossible. Message after message was greeted with a “sorry, can’t help then” stone wall. In desperation I posted random ads in the classifieds for caravans to rent. Weeks went by and nothing, then just when I had given up, a message from a renter. He had a Venter bush baby to rent. Well that was the best news for my camping life.

So now I knew that this thing existed but was really surprised that a booking system did not exist with hundreds of listings. So looking around I came across several owners that did this type of thing but not one platform to put it all together. And what I also noticed was the large number of individuals trying to sell there caravans and trailers on the various sites. So the 2 and the 2 came together in one swift kick up the butt moment. Create the platform for people to, instead of trying to part with their caravans, give them a way to turn their idle vehicles into a money generating asset. And as such, Explorent was born.

So please take your time and have a look around at what we can do for you, either to create some awesome camping memories or to create an extra income for your self. Explorent will take the headache out of getting either done.

Want an awesome adventure without a high price?

Your outdoor adventure needn't cost you an arm & leg

If you are looking for the perfect outdoors adventure without having to take a second bond for a caravan or camping trailer. Explorent is the perfect solution. Find 100’s of chariots in your dream destination. and experience the holiday of a lifetime at a fraction of the cost.

  • Easy booking platform
  • Find the perfect caravan or trailer
  • National listings
  • Direct contact with the owner
  • Organize the adventure of your life

Want to set your caravan or trailer to work for you?


Turn your trailer or caravan into a cash cow.

Whether you have a caravan or trailer sitting idle, or have an entrepreneurial spirit. Explorent is the platform that can turn your asset into a money generator. There is a severe shortage of assets to rent in SA and you can take advantage of this unique opportunity through Explorent. 

  • Free listings, no fees or commissions ever!
  • Great income generator
  • Complete bookings manager
  • Choose who you rent to
  • Choose when you rent