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Oct 2, 2019

Caravan hire business

Caravan hire business

A caravan hire business can be the perfect opportunity to make a good second or even primary income. Most of us in these tough times are looking for additional income streams. If you have a caravan or camping trailer that is standing unused, it will be the perfect opportunity to make some good money.

The market in South Africa is massive and virtually untouched at the moment. This huge gap in the supply and demand chain is opening up a unique business opportunity. If you are an entrepreneur at heart,  this is for you.

You may think that hiring out your caravan is a bizarre concept, in South Africa it most certainly may be at the moment. In other parts of the world though there are thriving communities who make good income from their own hiring businesses.

Having a caravan that stands idle for most of the year just makes no sense at all. You can create your very own caravan hire business and put your caravan to work. Our rental platform helps you get going in the industry and how to make a decent profit every month from your vehicle.

Getting your business running is quick and easy. We do all of the work for you on our super easy to use platform. You simply need to upload your vehicle details and we take care of the rest. You receive full support and training on how to go about getting your caravan rented out when you sign up.

Get the business info

To find out just how this works, give us a shout on 0797763257 or drop us a mail and we will send you the info. You can be part of the camping hire community and make a tidy profit. You will be making some campers dreams come true while running your own business

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