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Aug 5, 2019

Caravan hire communities are set to change camping forever.

The way we think about our camping holidays is set for a bit of a shakeup with a new and vibrant shared economy approach.

AND it is going to offer the caravan owner a unique financial opportunity.

There are a few points that we cannot ignore when it comes to caravan holidays in South Africa. These can be solved with the creation of caravan hire communities

  • Caravans are very expensive and not every outdoors lover can afford to experience these great getaways  because of the high price tag.
  • There are a few caravan hire companies in S.A. but they are not even touching the surface of the demand for caravan holidays.
  • Caravan parks are looking for new ways to get occupancy in the off season where a lot of them will be struggling to find bookings.

Explorent is a unique platform in South Africa that will be able to solve the problems that are being experienced in the camping market right now.

Renting a caravan occasionally is a far more affordable solution that buying one to stand idle for 90% of its life with you.

Investing in your own caravan to use it every now and again is, for some, not a great way to tie up much needed cash. Apart from that there are many people who simply cannot afford to buy a caravan or off road trailer. For many it would seem to be a better option to rent occasionally rather than buy.

The demand for caravan hire services is a rapidly growing.

There is no doubt that camping holidays can give you some of your best memories. Would you prefer to sit in a hotel or BnB for two weeks of out in the sun on the river? As more and more people become aware of this type of holiday, the more they are wanting, and the availability of these vehicles is leaving 1000’s of would be campers frustrated every year.

People from all walks of life are warming to the idea of sharing their assets.

Since the arrival of businesses like Airbnb and Uber, people are starting to see the big benefit of renting out their personal stuff. Individuals are becoming a lot more  comfortable with the idea that they can join a community and share the camping dream while making a profit at the same time. Explorent is a safe community for owners and holiday makers to connect and share. Caravan hire communities are another great example of these sharing business models.

Different experiences on every holiday.

They say that variety is the spice of life, so why commit yourself to the same caravan for every holiday? Imagine a new experience every time you head to the great outdoors. With a sharing community it is possible to have a different type of adventure whenever you set out on your holiday.

Get to see how other caravans measure up.

Now there is no need to rough it in your old caravan. Getting into a new model with all the bells and whistles that your old camper doesn’t have and can be an exciting change. Some of the new caravans out on the market may just fool you into believing your are in a five star hotel. BUT with the added bonus of opening you front door onto a dream outdoor setting.

Explorent is a platform that can solve a holiday makers nightmare. 

How cool would it be if you could just hop online and book your greatest caravan holiday ever? imagine just arriving at your favorite camping ground and kicking back straight way. No setting up tents or moving the caravan around to find the best level spot. Our platform allows just that for the traveler. This is the ideal “done for you” caravan holiday. When you are done you simply lock and leave. Caravan hire communities are the way forward

We are passionate about providing a three way solution to owners with idle caravans and trailers, holiday makers that do not have this great option available and caravan parks that would love to boost their occupancy. 

If you would like to know more about our platform or know of anyone who may want to be part of this new holiday revolution, please do not hesitate to mail us at we would love to share our dream with you.

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