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May 21, 2019

Caravans for sale

Caravans for sale.

Looking for caravans to buy? Why not try out a rental first?

If you are looking for caravans for sale for your next holiday, why not test your camping expertise first with a rental from Explorent? We have a national database of caravans and off road trailers that will give you the opportunity to see if this is indeed your type of holiday. Who really wants go buy a caravan at a premium price if this is not your thing?

Let’s face it, these caravans for sale are expensive. It can be quite a costly venture if you are just looking to explore. With Explorent you can hire a caravan or off road trailer in a few clicks of a mouse and be on your way to your dream destination anywhere in South Africa. Whether you prefer the nature reserve type of camping or a river front view, you can get them all at Explorent.

Our caravans and trailers can be booked though our super easy to use platform, simply select your area, your chariot and book. You will be camping under the stars in no time at all. There are a fleet of vans and trailers just waiting to get you to your ideal destination. Along the route you will find some of South Africa’s hidden gems that are waiting to be explored.

South Africa has some of the best outdoor treasures that are still virtually untouched and there are tons of camping grounds near these destinations. Some are great for family holidays and some are perfect getaways for couples who prefer only the sounds of nature at night.

We have natural wonders that compare to the best in the world. The Cango caves, Table Mountain, Namaqualand and Gods window to name a few.

There are a ton of activities at these grounds from fishing and hiking to sampling local brews from on site breweries and wine cellars. Camping in South Africa can be one of the most rewarding holidays anywhere in the world. We have the most beautiful country and you can explore it with Explorent. Let’s travel.

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