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Jul 7, 2019

Frequently asked questions

We are sure you have plenty of questions about joining Explorent. If you have more questions that you can't find here, please feel free to give us a shout on 0797763257 or mail

Most caravan owners do not use their caravans for the bulk of the year. So hiring out your caravan to make a good income from it when you are not using it makes perfect sense.

There are a heap of holiday makers that would love to have the camping experience but cannot afford a caravan or just don’t want to outlay a huge investment in one.

Explorent brings it all together so that the owner can benefit financially by proving the holiday maker with their dream holiday

Earning money from your caravan or camping trailer just got super easy. And you can easily earn between R 13500.00 and R 45000.00 per month, depending on your vehicle.

Small camping trailers like the Venter Bush baby with an Echo tent can go for between R 400.00 to R 500.00 per night. On the other end of the scale if you have a late model Jurgens Penta or Exclusive with all of the bells and whistles you can get up R 1500.00 per night if you have a very up market caravan.

The beauty of this site is that you can ask what you want for your caravan, just remember that you are here to make money so please be wary of over pricing your vehicle.

If you would like us to assist you in setting a price, please send an email to and we will work out the best rate for your vehicle.

Listing your vehicle is quick and easy and Explorent has two options available for you to start taking advantage of the rental market.

 DIY – If you are the type that likes to get things sorted out by themselves, no problem, you can get the process rolling buy visiting the upload page.  Here it will only take you a few minutes to upload the details and activate your profile.

Free management service – If you think you might need some help along the way, we have you covered too. Will will do everything for you that is needed to be a successful owner. We take care of your profile, listing, rental contracts, renter verification and all of the related items. To take advantage of this service you would still need to provide us with some details. You can send them to us on this management form.

Explorent requires that you have full and comprehensive insurance on your vehicle. This would ensure that no matter what may happen while your caravan is out on hire, you will be covered. It is strongly advised that before you rent out your vehicle that you contact your insurer and inform them that it will be hired out. They can then advise you as to whether you are covered on your current policy or if any additional changes need to be made.

Just imagine that in the unlikely event of something going wrong you find that you are not covered buy some or other small print clause.

If your vehicle is in anyway damaged during the rental period it is essential that the damage is reported to Explorent immediately on discovery of the damage. We will then start the claim process and assist you in getting the damage repaired/replaced. You are entitled to deduct the sum incurred in damages from the deposit of the renter.

If the amount exceeds the value of the deposit you should then institute an insurance claim with your insurer. The excess payable on that claim will then be deducted from the renters deposit. This point is why it is essential to have full and comprehensive insurance.

We understand that your caravan may be your pride and joy and it is 100% acceptable to insist that you tow the vehicle yourself.

If that is your wish then it is easy to set up when listing your vehicle. You simply select the towed for you option when listing the features and add the fee for towing. We can set that up for you if you can’t find the right place to inset it

Before you accept the request, take a little time to get to know about the renter. If they are going to be towing the vehicle then it is important that you ask them for the documents and information about the towing vehicle. Also try to get to know them as much as you can to see if they are the perfect fit for your vehicle.

Please remember we are here to support you so if you are unsure of how to deal with a renter or what documentation to request, give us a shout on 0797763257 or mail us on

Just say no. It is that simple. If for whatever reason you are not comfortable or have that “funny feeling” in your gut, just decline the booking request.

You are always in total control and you are under no obligation to accept any booking request that you are not comfortable with.

Our payment system will collect all of your money including the deposit on your behalf. We will then pay out all of the money to you, including the deposit, 24 hours prior to the rental date. You are then responsible for refunding the deposit to the renter in your agreed upon method

One of the great features of this platform is that its calendar can be fully customized. You simply go to your dashboard and make the dates unavailable that you would like to be using it.

Yes you most certainly can, you can also choose discounted rates for long term hire too. This all happens in your calendar on your dashboard. When you go onto your calendar you simply fill out the rates for individual days that are higher in price or select a group of days that might be lower.

Please do not forget that we are here to support you at any stage in your journey, so please feel free to contact us at anytime if you have any additional questions on 0797763257

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