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Jun 10, 2019

How to rent out your caravan #1

How to rent out your caravan #1

With the ever increasing demand for caravan hire and people who want to experience a camping type of holiday, the future for caravan rental in South Africa is as bright as our sunny summer days. This is ever so true with today’s economy that Does not afford everyone the opportunity to buy their own caravan. This coupled with today’s holiday maker who would rather spend money on an adventure than an asset make s for a profitable opportunity for you, the caravan owner. So to help you on your way in getting your caravan rented I have put together a series of how to do it, here is How to rent out your caravan #1

Is your caravan in good enough shape to rent out?

The most important consideration when looking to rent out your caravan is whether or not everything is in good working order. I am sure that you would agree that you would be highly frustrated if you booked into a hotel and the shower was broken, the kettle didn’t work or cupboard doors were hanging off the hinges. The same goes for your caravan, especially when it comes to the mechanics and other peoples safety. Ensuring that your caravan is in top shape also makes it more appealing to the renters and you will have a better chance of getting it rented out. people generally go for a caravan that looks well maintained and looked after, both inside and out.

Insurance cover

A caravan holiday can be a dream experience, but it can also become a nightmare if something goes wrong. It is a fact of life and the law of averages that to someone, something will go wrong. So it is vital that your caravan is fully and comprehensively covered. It is also advisable that you contact your insurer and inform them that you will be renting out your caravan. With their hundreds of terms and conditions in small print you may find that they will not compensate for damage or loss because of what is contained in your contract.

Check out your renters

Your caravan is your second home and often a source of pride and joy. So make sure you are comfortable with who you rent it out to. Before you let them ride off into the sunset with your precious chariot, get to know them as personally as possible. Get a feel of whether or not they would be the type who would look after your caravan like you do. Check that they have the correct and valid licence, get their proof of address, make sure they have the right vehicle to be able to handle the load. In short make sure that you are comfortable with them taking away your prized possession by checking out every possible thing that you can about them.

Get a rental contract

It is essential that there are no grey areas when it comes to the terms and conditions of renting out your caravan. It must be made crystal clear in terms of what is expected and required from both parties. This is especially important to the funds that change hands for the rental amount as well as the breakage deposit. Some people can seem to be the nicest and most decent types you have met but boy, when money is involved, you may see them become the types you only see on the horror channel on the TV. So once again make sure your contract spares no detail of exactly how things work. There are plenty of contract templates available on the internet so I would suggest that you look at some property rental and car rental templates an tailor them to suit your comfort zone.

Remove your personal belongings

This is not only to ensure that your favorite camping gadgets do not go walkabout, but more importantly for the comfort of the renter. Imagine checking into a BnB and the owner has his clothes hanging in your cupboard or his beers and biltong stashed in your fridge. That is just not cool. So for the best camping experience for the renter make sure that it is only the items left in the caravan are items that are on the list of what comes included in the rental agreement.

Marketing your caravan

Most people who are doing this currently are having to rely on posting on the social platforms like facebook or on community websites like Gumtree. For the more tech savvy there is the option of creating your own website. If you have your own site you would need to look at getting the message out to the market and that may involve either a paid marketing strategy on Google that gets you seen on search results, or doing search engine optimization, which is free, but very time consuming and technical. There are digital marketing specialists in the field you can get your website seen but they often come with a hectic price tag. Our platform at Explorent can take away all of those nightmare marketing headaches. Most people in countries who have active rental communities similar to us, make use of rental platforms like ours. Simply because it is free and easy to use, plus it gets your message seen by the relevant eyes.

Final words

There is a huge demand for caravan rental in South Africa but there is a very tiny supply of caravans geared up for this service and Explorent can assist you at every step to get you up and running to be part of this market demand. If you think you are ready to start making a decent amount of money from this type of thing please follow the link at the bottom and you will be ready to start making good money from your caravan.

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please remember that we are not an unapproachable blue chip corporate company. We are a true South African camping type of business and I am contactable at anytime, maybe not during the rugby or cricket 🙂 but mostly all the time.

Kindest regards

Travis Chipps


How to rent out your caravan #1

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