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Aug 16, 2019

Rent out my caravan!? You must be crazy!

Rent out my caravan!? You must be crazy!

Me? rent out my caravan? Not a chance! Well not to just anyone. This is a common reaction when we talk to owners about renting out what may very well be their most prize possession. And we get it 100%

You have spend a lot of money on your caravan and you have created many priceless memories along the way too. Your caravan is almost part of the family. The thought of renting out this important part of your life could be quite frightening to say the least.

There are many concerns that are shared by many in the rental game regarding the whole process. Explorent is a platform that has to rely on people trusting the whole process so I will go through some of the points that you may have as a potential renter. AND I will also highlight some of the more awesome reasons just why you should rent out your caravan.

The most common concerns people have.

People will not care about my caravan

The opposite is true in this regard. The potential renters that are asking to rent your vehicle are coming to you through Explorent which is not like a yard full of rental vehicles that they take out and abuse for a week or two. You get the opportunity to chat to the potential renter and meet them in person before you say yes to any rental. This allows you the chance to see if they will be a suitable renter for your caravan. You remain in charge

What happens if it gets damaged?

If you decide to rent out your caravan or 4 x 4 trailer on our platform, you would be required to have comprehensive insurance cover. This will cover you on all things that can go during the rental period. We also require all renters to pay a deposit that is the equivalent to the write off excess value of your vehicle . This will cover you for any incident that may occur.

I am very fussy about who rents my caravan

No problem at all, that is why we introduce you to your potential renters first. You get to know them and if you are not comfortable with them, you simply so no. You are under no obligation at all to accept a rental offer from anyone. It is your caravan and your choice as to who you do or do not want to rent to.

I have strict rules in my caravan.

Also no problem. Once again you are in charge. When you get to talk to or meet the renter you have the right and opportunity to tell them exactly how you would like them to treat your vehicle or if you have any specific instructions during the rental period. If you want certain rules regarding the rental in place, this meeting is the perfect place to clear the air on any concerns that you may have when it comes to your vehicle. Remember that the final rental agreement is between you and the renter so be sure to include all of your wishes in that agreement.

So why would you want to rent out your caravan?

Apart from the great income opportunity, you are giving people the chance to experience a camping holiday that you have had the privilege of having. You also get to meet some great people who share the same passions that you do and could make some life long friendships in the camping community.

Explorent is more than a place for renting out your caravan, it is a community of fellow campers and out door enthusiasts that can come together in a safe and secure place to share the camping life.

If you have any questions on how you can become part of this unique group of campers, please feel free to reach out to us at anytime and we will guide you through the prices step by step.


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